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            Imperial Springs Residences

            Excellence in country living

            Luxury homes in the country
            Only a 30-minute drive from Guangzhou, the luxury villas of Imperial Springs Residences enjoy fresh air in the green foothills of Conghua's Phoenix Mountain, which remain 70% natural forest. Created as exclusive private retreats, the homes easily meet the varied needs of individual owners: as a second home, a holiday getaway, or a corporate villa.

            Ancient and modern design touches
            Every villa has its own courtyard, hot springs pool, and swimming pool. The design of Phase 1 homes is inspired by ancient Chinese mansions, and feature spacious courtyards and multiple entryways, while Phase 2 homes are more modern, with expansive interior spaces and touches of Oriental influence. All homes feature integrated interiors and beautiful gardens.

            Facilities for business and leisure
            Residents of Imperial Springs Residences can join Imperial Springs next door and enjoy its exceptional business and leisure facilities, including a 27-hole golf course designed by legendary Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie, a recreation center, spa facilities, a variety of restaurants, an agricultural and eco-park, and one of South China's largest private museums. With conference rooms, a large auditorium, and modern equipment and facilities, Imperial Springs International Convention Center also meets the business needs of large forums and small board meetings.

            AT A GLANCE

            Phase 1
            Area: 29,481 square meters 
            Residences: 17 
            Style: Traditional Royal Villa in Tang Dynasty 
            Structure: 2 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground 
            Living area: 935 to 2,095 square meters

            Phase 2
            Area: 352,632 square meters 
            Residences: 16 
            Style: Contemporary Chinese
            Structure: 2 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground
            Living area: 500 to 1,838 square meters